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"Creating a symbiotic relationship between the native habitat, the pollinators, & humans all working together."

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San Diego Monarch Initiative
Assisting the Restoration of the Native Ecosystem for the Monarch Population to Thrive
The North American monarch is facing a significant decline in its natural habitat & food supply

As a result, the monarch's migratory routes across the United States have shrunk considerably. With the loss of the milkweed species that the caterpillars rely on before becoming butterflies, the monarch population's chances of flourishing are limited. That is why we have decided to focus on this issue and help restore the native ecosystem, so the monarch population can thrive in its natural habitat.

One of the main challenges monarchs face today is the destruction of their native habitat, a driving force of their near extinction status, along with the use of toxic herbicides

Biologists have recorded dangerously low counts since 2018 with a particular sharp decline in recent years; numbers have dropped from 4.5 million in the 1980s to a record low of fewer than 2,000 last winter during their annual migration, representing a staggering 99% decline.

Everyone can participate in the larger efforts to revitalize the monarch population
Grow a Butterfly Garden

Those who would like to grow narrowleaf milkweed and have knowledge & supplies for a personal operation may contact us directly (seeds/plants dispersed upon availability and geographic location). We welcome inquiries for collaborations and feedback on other possible avenues to get more people involved. We also encourage folks to start initiatives in their local areas, especially along historic migration routes.