Connecting People to Mother Earth


Heal the land, heal the people

The Red Earth Movement offers sustainable solutions to modern day challenges through education, building relationships with the elements, & close counsel with youth & elders. We create eco-friendly, natural spaces that inspire people to come together in health, wellness, & culture.

Red Earth Movement is a movement mobilized for the well-being of the ecosystem and the people. We encourage our local community to join us for various community events about food and water security, native habitat restoration, and intertribal relations.

Our Values

Unity- We unite one mind, one heart, one spirit.

Education - We educate simply, but deeply and clearly. So our children understand

Culture - Grounded in the earth, based off of the fire, water, air, earth, & food.

Sustainability - By design, we treat our natural resources like the source

Devotion - Devoted to regeneration and our values. Loving what you do, & doing what you love

Health - Healthy earth, healthy people! Heal the earth, heal the people

Prosperity - Natural law to be prosperous

Resilience - The discernment for determination, preserving, and adapting through experiences to move forward with integrity

Generocity - The quality to share on a person to person level

Reciprocity- Honorably acknowledging and offering to the ecosystem, balancing the Equity and allowing the flow to continue